New Restrictions on the Import of Goods: Armenia Tightens the Rules

Armenia follows the Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) for regulating personal imports without customs duties and taxes. According to Article 266 of the EEU’s Customs Code, the Eurasian Economic Commission sets criteria like cost, weight, and quantity for such imports, as decided in Council Resolution No. 107 on December 20, 2017.

The EEU allows for setting stricter import standards based on the method of importation into its customs territory, which Armenia is planning to adhere too. Local legislation can now establish stricter norms for certain goods, particularly those listed in Annex N1 to the decision.

For Armenia, goods for personal use, including baggage, are exempt from customs duties and taxes if their value stays below 500 euros and their weight doesn’t exceed 25 kilograms. However, there are concerns about misuse, where individuals import goods under these allowances for personal use but end up selling them in the domestic market. This practice distorts competition and contributes to an informal economy.

Therefore, there is a proposal to implement stricter regulations in the Republic of Armenia concerning personal goods imported by foot. This proposal suggests setting a quantitative threshold of 10 kilograms and a cost threshold equivalent to 200 euros in Armenian drams. These measures aim to address the potential abuse of customs regulations and uphold fair trade practices within Armenia’s market.

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