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Citizenship and Residency

At first sight, the process of acquiring, terminating or extending Armenian citizenship and residency seems quite complex and confusing, doesn't it? Luckily, our team of law enthusiasts has processed over 1,000s of applications in this field, becoming quite knowledgeable about the process.

MB Legal’s lawyers are experienced in representing the interests of individuals before respective Armenian Authorities to obtain residencies and/or apply for Armenian citizenships.

Representing the legal framework and regulations of Armenia, we assist our clients in the following:

  • Consulting on the applicable grounds for residency (temporary, permanent, special)/citizenship (by ethnicity, by marriage, by residence) and assisting in the gathering of required documents in the needed form
  • Preparing applications for citizenship as well as residency
  • Accompanying clients to medical checkups and other State Authorities
  • Appealing negative decisions of the State Authorities
  • Applying for an extension of the residency permits

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