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Intellectual Property

Trademark registration is the essential first step in protecting your corporate identity. Consulting a trademark attorney to ensure your registration is filed correctly and diligently monitored will help avoid costly mistakes and provide you with the strongest protection.

Our highly experienced IP attorneys acknowledge the importance of preserving your company’s valuable intangible assets. As part of our comprehensive IP services, we offer the following trademark registration services to our clients:

  • Preparing all the necessary documents, including invention and utility model specifications
  • Client advisory on a broad spectrum of issues related to the protection and management of IP assets
  • Conducting trademark availability searches to provide infringement analysis and preparing opinions on the registrability of proposed marks
  • Representing our clients’ interests in courts and other administrative bodies in trademark infringement and cancellation proceedings
  • Assisting with the development of global IP protection strategies, including the registration of trademarks in multiple jurisdictions

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