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Antitrust and Competition Law

Getting professional advice within this area of practice is crucial for establishing a healthy business environment and developing long-term strategies for the company's growth.

Although the legislation of the Republic of Armenia prohibits/restricts monopolistic activity and unfair competition, companies still fall victim to discriminatory practices by their competitors or even the state. To avoid such risks, any company engaged in business activity in Armenia should have a well-developed antitrust and competition compliance program. The M&As, purchase of IPs, and other transactions might also require the Regulatory Authority’s consent before such transactions might be executed in the territory of Armenia.

We offer comprehensive legal services in Antitrust and Competition Law to protect clients’ rights and interests. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Review of commercial agreements for antitrust compliance
  • Assessment of business practices for compliance with the law
  • Legal assistance in the merger control procedure
  • Complete support in the frames of antitrust litigation
  • Support in concentration transactions and obtainment of the Regulatory authorities’ consent in cases required

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