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ADR services have been on the rise in Armenia in recent years, as they provide a more efficient and cost-effective way of resolving disputes as compared to traditional litigation. Our team of experienced ADR specialists can assist you with all stages of the process, from pre-dispute counseling to dispute resolution and post-dispute follow-up.

Abbreviating from Alternative Dispute Resolution, ADR refers to settling conflicts through negotiation, arbitration, and mediation, i.e., outside the courtrooms. The process is often facilitated by a third-party neutral, who helps the parties involved come to an agreement.

Opting for the legal support of MB Legal, you will be provided with comprehensive assistance in the field of ADR, including:

  • Consultation on legislation and procedures related to alternative methods of conflict resolution
  • Complete assistance with choosing the most appropriate strategy for your specific case
  • Facilitation of negotiations and mediation sessions
  • Representation in arbitration proceedings
  • Legal support during the execution of the settlement agreement
  • Licensed mediator services through qualified mediators among our employees

Contact our team to get custom-tailored and professional advice on your case!