How Can Foreigners Get a Work Permit in Armenia?

According to the RA Law On Foreigners, there is a requirement for the employer to conclude an employment contract or service provision contract (hereinafter referred to as the Contract) with foreigners if the latter has a work permit.


The procedure for granting and denying a work permit for a foreign employee is defined by the RA Government decision No. 493 dated May 12, 2016.

Who can apply for a work permit in the Republic of Armenia?

Foreigners who are legally in the Republic of Armenia, as well as those outside the Republic of Armenia, whose professional and personal qualities meet the requirements of the job offered by the employer, can apply for a work permit.

Is a work permit a basis for obtaining residency status?

According to the RA Law On Foreigners, a temporary residency status is granted to every foreigner, if s/he substantiates that there are circumstances justifying his residence in the territory of the Republic of Armenia for a period of one year or more. One of such circumstances is a work permit, which allows the foreigner to obtain a temporary residency status and work in the Republic of Armenia.

Who submits an application and what is the procedure of obtaining a work permit?

In order to hire a foreign employee, the employer should fill in and submit a relevant application on the unified electronic platform (hereinafter: Work permit) held by Migration service, to obtain a work permit for a foreigner.

Before submitting an application for a work permit, the employer must inform the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (hereinafter referred to as the “Ministry”) about the vacant position.

The process described above is carried out by the employer, and after successful completion of all stages, the latter signs an employment contract (services provision contract) with the foreigner.

Who can work in RA without a work permit?

According to the RA Law On Foreigners provides basis for working in the Republic of Armenia without a work permit, for example, family members of employees of accredited diplomatic missions and consular institutions in the Republic of Armenia, international organizations and their representative offices, performers arriving in the Republic of Armenia for the purpose of cinematography, theater, concert tours, artists etc.

Can EAEU citizens work in RA without a work permit?

According to the EAEU regulations, citizens of member states are exempted from the obligation to obtain a work permit in the EAEU territory and a simplified procedure applies to them. By registering their employment contract in the internet (online) registration system, citizens have the opportunity to receive a certificate certifying the legality of residence, without additional documents, to reside in RA on a legal basis.

In which case is the work permit denied?

  • Based on the analysis of the Ministry, the state of the labor market in Armenia does not allow the work,
  • RA citizenship is required by the laws of the Republic of Armenia to perform this work
  • Required information or documents are falsified,
  • The employer, for whom the given foreigner is to work, has previously violated the requirements for employing foreigners,
  • There are reasons threatening the state security of RA.

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